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Get a comprehensive review and a bonus Retail Readiness report including listings and visibility. We also offer a free Loom video with personalized suggestions. No obligation to book a call.


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If you want to move forward, we provide a link to book a discovery call when you receive the audit. We want to ensure you are a good fit with us here at Headline, and that we are a good fit for you. After all, we see ourselves as a strategic partner, not just a service provider.


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If we’re a match, let’s onboard you! We connect you and your brand to our systems, software, and communication channels. We kick our partnership off with an onboarding call so you meet the team. We’ll walk you through what to expect in the first week, month, and future.

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Our Approach

At Headline, we take a strategic and data-driven approach to help our clients stand out in the competitive marketplace. Our customized advertising plans are designed to achieve maximum visibility and conversions, delivering results that exceed expectations and help drive long-term success on Amazon.

How We Maximize Your Profits


All our campaigns have clear objectives (Ranking, Profitability, Discovery, …)

We limit the number of targets per campaign to ensure a broad impression share.

Focus on What’s Working

We automate as much as possible so we can focus on our efforts on ranking our top short tail keywords.

Our big focus is to rank top keywords, even at hight ACOS.

Automate 80/20

We automate as much as possible so we can focus on our efforts on ranking our top short tail keywords.

Our big focus is to rank top keywords, even at hight ACOS.

Protect the Brand

We use standardized processes and checklists that guide/prioritize our actions.

Visual Customisation

We utilize custom images, custom headlines, and videos across SBV, SB HSA, SD SDV.


We start small to scale big.

PPC is long term.

We see PPC as a marketing tool, it helps us in marketing our products well which benefits us in long term.

Data Guides Us

Be super data-driven, use our performance file to make the right decisions.

We have multi data points rather than one source to ensure optimal strategy


We use standardized processes and checklists that guide/prioritize our actions.

What makes
us different?

As a data-driven Amazon PPC agency, we harness the power of analytics and technology, while leveraging our team of subject matter experts to deliver client-focused, results-oriented campaigns that drive growth for your business

Data Driven

Data drives our decision-making in order to improve our client’s success

We track multiple sources of information instead of relying on one

We create and use awesome tools

There’s less intuition and guesswork in our decisions and a more data-driven approach.

Subject Matter Experts

We’re Amazon PPC Experts. The directors are Brand Owners so are experienced in all aspects of owning a brand, not just PPC.

We constantly learn to get better and serve our clients better.

We’re becoming experts not only for our client’s products but also for their niche.

Client Focus

Client Focus

We’re more a partner rather than a service provider.

We use our know-how to make the client a better Amazon Seller.

We are proactive and often make a recommendation.

We keep our clients in the loop with what we’re doing.

We’re building trust toward a long-term relationship.


Our Clients Love Headline, See What They Are Saying

Our testimonials section highlights the success of our satisfied clients and the impact of our Amazon PPC services. It provides real and transparent feedback on the quality of our services, showcasing our commitment to delivering results and exceptional customer experience.

Jason Hetherington

Third Rock Retail

Caitlin Gray

Director Growth Marketing – Boosted Commerce

“We have worked with Headline MA for over a year now. They are so helpful in strategizing and growing brands with us from both the organic and paid advertising side that I have reached out to have them help on a couple additional accounts. I enjoy the thought they put behind their feedback, audits, and initiatives. They are more than just an agency, they are a strategic partner. Thanks, HMA team.”


Multi 7 Figure Amazon Brand Owner

“The first month working with Headline we cracked the $1 Mil in 30 days! A record for my business! Unlike other PPC agencies Headline does not just look at PPC data, but rather has a holistic perspective, monitoring organic keyword placement, listing optimisation, product margins, profit and strategizing with these vital components in mind. Alignment is easy, as they allow you to have access to the metrics they are monitoring at all times, so what you see is what they see. Overall super impressed with this agency!”


Multi 7 Figure Amazon Brand Owner

“I hired HeadlineMA in September for help to manage my Amazon PPC. At the time, we were generating around $120k/mo in sales. In October, we hit $180k/mo and in December, over $800k in sales (32% increase on last year). They kicked our growth and profits into overdrive.”

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